Friday, July 28, 2006

*That* Day

Today is *That* Day - as I think of it. That day I was supposed to be having my first child. That day that my husband believes is that "guess date the doctor gives you so you can set up your office pool." It's now 6 years later on *that day* and I can recall my feelings of sadness. Waking up in a hotel room in Washington DC, my consolation prize; crying from my guts and hoping a baby would be brought to me along with room service. It never materialized of course and Eric and I spent a hot sticky day touring the Lincoln Memorial and other wonderful sites.

And now 6 years later, I sit and reflect while Alison is in day camp and Adam is tearing up the backroom. An email from my uncle let me know that a new baby was born today. So the date has now taken on a positive for me. *That* date is now *this* date, belonging to Amanda Lilly, whom I wish a lifetime of love, happiness and peace.