Monday, August 14, 2006

The Big 5!!!!!

I cannot believe it... today is Alison's 5th birthday. I recall exactly at this time five years ago I was packing my belongings and crying. Alison's birth would be the culmination of a 17 month journey from the loss of Solomon. Her birth day I thought would never arrive.

As Eric and I drove to the hospital I was crying, complaining that this would be just another trip to the hospital for nothing. I cried through my labor, waiting. And when I heard the cry of Alison for the first time, tears rolled from my eyes, horizontally across my cheeks, into my ears.

All the waiting for my moment of joy. Her cry was the sweetest sound I had ever heard.

Today she is 5, how is that possible? She is growing up fast and starts Kindergarten and Daisy Scouts in a few weeks.

My praying and perseverance paid off in the wonder of her.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


On Monday August 7, 2006 I was honored along with other women as a Fortune 52 Woman. Beverly Fortune of the Long Island Press, interviewed me in March and the story ran in June. I held my breath for weeks, waiting to see what the story would look like. Once it ran I was thrilled. But it was a strange kind of thrilled-ness, and that is how I felt Monday night. As I stood off center of the podium with the other distinguished woman, I felt torn. Here I was being recognized, and that felt good, great even. But the reason I was recognized was because I had delivered my son Solomon still, had a subsequent miscarriage and two additional "spals" pregnancies resulting in the births of my children. The cherry on top was publishing the book. So the honor was bittersweet, and one that I wish I had never recieved, or at least not in this way. Still I hope my exposure helps other women, so that's gotta balance the scale a little.