Friday, August 28, 2009

Time Flies

It has certainly been awhile since I posted, not because I haven't thought about Solomon, just that I haven't felt like posting. Eric and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in a few days, which means I am closer to re-living my experiences with Solomon's pregnancy. I go months without recalling anything and then some moment of the experience will creep back into my mind.

Like the other day, I received notification in the mail about the new "Red Light Cameras" that have been installed in my town. And it reminded me of the first time I drove my Buick Skyhawk after losing Solomon. I was traveling north on Jerusalem Avenue in Levittown heading towards my therapist in Sysosset and as I approached the first intersection with a traffic light I drove right through it. I was 4 blocks past when I realized the light had been red and I didn't stop. I wasn't freaked out or anything until I arrived at the therapist's office and realized I could have hurt someone. That was the worst part of that particular moment.