Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15: National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remebrance Day

Feeling it today.  Actually was feeling it the other day.  We're invited to a friend's son's Bar Mitzvah next month.  Another friend had her son's bar mitzvah a few months ago.  This was supposed to be the year of Solomon's bar mitzvah, he was supposed to be friends with these two boys.  According to Eric, he is an angel on their shoulders.  Very surprised Eric would say something like this - I hope it's true.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Superstorm Sandy

It is seven months since Superstorm Sandy hit Long Island.  Our house suffered little bits of damage but nothing compared to our friends and neighbors around the block and in our town, some of whom are still not domiciled in their beloved homes.

For the first two days without electricity, it was an adventure.  Eric and I travelled carefully around town, kids in tow, checking on friends and helping where we could.  The devastation was overwhelming and I began to grow very afraid.

By the fifth day, all of our food was gone - a complete freezer full and a complete refrigerator full.  Our town warnings were to have candles, water, food, matches and other items to get through a day or so.  They did not warn of the possibility of an almost two-week stint without electricity.

When Eric needed to check on clients, he left me and the two kids in our back room. He lit a fire and I sat in front of the fire feeding it wood and twigs and when it was low old newspapers.  One such afternoon I called our town's Office of Emergency Management.  When I asked the very young employee if he had any ideas about progress and when the power would be restored his reply was "turn on the TV for the updates."  I had heard some really stupid things before but this one is in my top three.

While driving on a major road in our town I leaned out the window and let loose with a cohort of expletives that even shocked my husband.  But the cars crossing our road still would not stop, and they barely slowed.  I thought we would all die.

Over the next 13 days we managed to feed the kids, keep them sheltered, keep ourselves sheltered, and check on friends.  We attended a rally with our friends and neighbors, and continued to be perplexed by the delays restoring power.

For 13 days I reminded myself again and again, "this is not the worst thing to happen, it could be worse."  I am not sure if I am lucky to have lost Solomon.  That loss kept this crisis in check.

Return to Zero film

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