Monday, March 23, 2015


A few months ago I read a news story online.  It was about Steve and Lindsey Justice, who had lost septuplets.  The story is here:
I felt so sad for them so I sent them a copy of my book. 

I'm often delinquent in checking my P.O. box.  Most of the orders for my book come via in the Internet/Paypal.  Today I happen to be at the Post Office dropping off mail and opened my P.O. to find a huge stack of miscellaneous advertisement.  After sorting through it all, there was an envelope addressed to me, hand-written, highly unusual.

I was shocked and warmed when I opened it.  It was from Lindsey Justice, thanking me for sending along the book. She wrote she has found much comfort in it. 

I don't often receive feedback about  Journeys and certainly have never received any for sending it cold. I never know how it will be received.  Lindsey's note was very reassuring the Journeys has a place in this world.  I wish her and her family peace on their journey.

Sunday, March 08, 2015


Dreading today as always. Having one of my "anniversary" stomach aches.  In 15 years since losing Solomon, I have birthed two children who continue to thrive.  I have taken on volunteer roles I never knew existed.  I started part-time work that is very rewarding.  I've made friends, many of whom I would never have crossed paths with.

Solomon hugged me today.  I had misplaced his Certificate of Stillbirth and it has weighed on my mind for months. I have the scan of it in my laptop.  Today, not even looking for it, it appeared:  I found it tucked in with my label paper of all things.

I feel my loss very acutely on this day.  Eric has commented (to me in real life) how interesting it is to see who has acknowledged my Facebook photo: the scrapbook page I made for Solomon. 

Eric has given me space today and also kept my mind occupied.  We can talk about Solomon in a way we could not 15 years ago.  I watch the clock, and remember the day.  My tears come quietly.